Black Lives Matter

We stand with the millions across the country who are outraged by the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and still those of Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and the countless other black lives. Lives that mattered. We believe it’s time for everyone to stand up and carry the burden that our black community has shouldered alone for too long. Adventure Tours abhors racism and discrimination of any kind, and is committed to making ourselves and society better.

We are minority owned company with our family of employees being over 80% black. Our small business has not been immune to the economic grief that has been cast on many of us in 2020. We were heartbroken to lay off many of our employees. Our employees are struggling to provide for their own families during these painful times, many of whom are still waiting for unemployment benefits and have been out of work for nearly 3 months. Our business came to an abrupt stop in mid-March and has not moved since. When the opportunity arose to support a government request, allowing our employees back to work, we took into account numerous factors. We have long-standing government contracts and are committed to honoring our business obligations, just as we are with all of our valued customers.

After reviewing our options at length, our team collectively made the decision to use this opportunity to make a difference! Our mindset was to take this opportunity to provide much needed funds to our employees AND donate the profits to social justice organizations that address the legitimate frustrations affecting our community. We will be proudly donating these profits equally to the NAACP and the DC chapter of the Black Lives Matter organization, which work towards racial justice and equality.

We are inspired by the brave, the outspoken, and the peaceful protesters that are raising their voices. We stand with them and we look forward to affecting change together.